The Project

We have devoted a lifetime to pursue our idea of style and that’s what this concept is about. It regards high quality standards to produce not just single fashion bracelets, but collector’s items. Handmade one by one, with a limited number of copy each. It’s meant to be outside the box of the lead model of fashion biz, not assuming to be better, but different and complementary to the main stream of serial merchandise flowing from the factory to the shelf of a shop. We choose our stones meticulously, get sure to find the perfect gold or silver for our price market range and sometimes argue for days on a single bracelet composition. Our philosophy is to not overlook anything, believing a trend can be made using every unique piece of the puzzle instead of massified wares. Style it with Chevalier.

Change happens when someone who didn’t know how complex the matter was, just came and said a word of his own. This is what we’re trying to do here, we’re proposing our idea of fashion through our work. It’s an idea based on high quality standards, accurate artisanal work, dedicated search for new materials and self improvement.

That’s why we hardly look at numbers, accounting, book keeping: we’re putting our efforts in crafting and promoting things we like.

This is not fashion industry, it’s a direct line opened between stylists, artisans and customers.

Sometimes customers share our idea of lifestyle, sometimes they have radically different opinions about it, regardless we’re always able to build a relationship based on trust and aimed to meet the most different needs of the most different outfits.

That’s the Philosophy that accompanies every moment of the Chevalier Project Life.